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AIRSHELL biofilters for
odor control

Fine & coarse bubble aerationdiffusers, MSABP

Rotary Screw and Lobe Positive Displacement Blowers, Direct-Drive High Speed Turbo Blowers


Claricone upflow solids contact clarifier, Egg-shaped digester, Class A sludge

Alkaline Stabilization


Chemical feed optimization
TOC & DBP reduction


Rapid, Automated, and Remote Microbial Testing for Water, indicator for bacteria like E. coli


Conveyors: Belt, Chain, Screw, and Pneumatic


On-site hypochlorite generation


Filtration Technology for water and wastewater

DO supplementation through superoxygenation:
prevention of H2S and
water quality improvement


Floating surface aerators and mixers


Cambridge Technologies Ballasted Treatment


Field erected packaged wastewater systems,
screw pumps, filters, package plants


Forty-X disc filter, package denitrification filters, and traveling bridge filters


SBRs and Jet Aeration / Mixing


Pressurized and submerged membranes, Immersed MemPulse MBR wastewater, MemJet Express MBR packaged system

Westfalia – Centrifuges for biosolids


Lite-Span aluminum covers


Multistage centrifugal blowers

High speed, high efficiency single stage blowers, Direct drive blowers and aeration control systems

Formerly Turblex


Stainless steel screenings, grit removal, sludge thickening, dewatering, and drying

Single stage Turbo Blowers. High Efficiency. Quiet, Compact with turndown capabilities

Hyperboloid Mixer &

aeration systems
and SBR

Invent Mixers and Aerators


Belt Filter Presses, Gravity Belt Thickeners, DAF Sludge paddle dryer,
rotary drum vacuum dryer

Submerged flat sheet membrane bioreactor

Geomembrane covers, liners, and lagoon systems


NEMO progressive cavity pumps, Tornado rotary lobe pump


FRP storage tanks and Bryneer brine systems

Control Panel Design & Fabrication,
UL Listed, Chem Feed,
Filter Controls, VFD and Pump Controls


Expansion Joints and Check Valves

Equipment, Chemical Media, Monitoring Solutions

Chlorine Dioxide Generation Technologies


Complete systems for handling the transport
of coarse sludges and slurries

Online Water Quality Monitoring Solutions

Sluice Gates, Slide Gates and Stop Logs manufactured in Aluminum and Stainless Steel


Leader in development and application of static mixers and associated technologies

Process Water Treatment Solutions including plate settlers, solids contact clarifiers, membranes, ion exchange,
Simul-Wash, and
package water treatment systems

Air Valves, Check Valves, Quarter-Turn Valves,
VaultSafe® Products, Actuation and Control Systems


Dry and Wet polymer blending systems, Silo systems

Peristaltic pumps, tube and hose pumps, sine pumps, liquid filling and OEM pumps, skid mounted Qdos

DAF, DEMON (de-Ammonification), MBBR


Link-Belt screening/grit products; cog rake & Cable screens, grid/perforated fine screens, grit


UV Disinfection and Ozone Oxidation